Book a Pop-up Glenfiddich Scotch tasting at your wedding?


You’ve got a vision. The perfect evening! Friends, family, and of course… the love of your life. You want it to be elegant, chic, and different.

Could we book a pop-up Glenfiddich scotch tasting? One where a dapper pro gives guests fun tips on how to tastesmell, and understand the nuances of this special spirit?

Is this going to be another headache? Friend, ain’t nobody got time for that!

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Single-Malt Scotch (Banfshire, Scotland)

Glenfiddich is a true family whisky. William Grant, their founder, watched the first pure spirit flow from his second-hand stills on Christmas day 1887 and over five generations later Glenfiddich is still run by his pioneering family.

Today, their whisky is the world’s most awarded single malt, a reflection of the pride, passion and integrity passed down ever since. With flavors ranging from fresh pear and vanilla with our iconic Glenfiddich 12 to indulgent cocoa and ripe cherries with their Glenfiddich 30, you’ll have an array of styles to choose from their premium whisky portfolio.

Interested in how easy it would be to book a pop-up Glenfiddich scotch tasting at your wedding?

If you’re a phone-loving sort of gal or guy, please call or text us at (917) 719-4793. You can also chat with us via the green chat bubble on the bottom right of your screen. We look forward to speaking with you about your super-amazing, magical and moderately-boozy day!

About Us

Pour My Party accidentally began with our first clients—ourselves. Our big day was rapidly approaching, and of course, we wanted it to be special. We had our perfect venue, an amazing band, and a caterer that really excited us. But we wanted something… more. Was that too much to ask?

We considered everything! Photo booth, food truck, donut trees, a cigar roller. All of these ideas were… fine? They just weren’t “the one”.

Then one day Jami had a great idea: scotch! Brian had recently attended a whisky tasting and raved about it. Would Macallan pour their party? After countless calls and emails, we got our wish. And the result was perfect.

Today we create the same type of pop-up liquor tastings for weddings, parties, and events across New York, Pennsylvania, and Washington DC so everyone can have access to unique, memorable, hassle-free tasting experiences for their own big day.