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Interview with Brian Kantor, FOunder of Pour MY Party

Bride & Blossom, October 13, 2020

Creating pop-up tastings for weddings and events, Pour My Party connects clients with top-shelf distillers such as Glenfiddich, Buffalo Trace, and Coconut Cartel to provide a unique and memorable experience catered for the special occasion. Tastings are professionally led, casual, and simply put, fun, which allows guests to come away with a deeper appreciation and understanding of the spirits they have always enjoyed, but never really knew much about…

Craft spirits are totally having a moment right now, and we wanted to give couples an opportunity to tap into that… 

With regards to couples, it’s become obvious that this generation of Americans that are entering the marrying age—Millennials—are just so much fun to work with…

It seems like there was a mass-awakening, in that the “same old” wedding formula that their parents, family members, and older friends felt compelled to follow no longer applies. Weddings have truly become expressions of individuality and the personalities of the couple really shine through more today than ever before, and Pour My Party fits in nicely with that shift.


Man floating in a sea of covid-19


AllBusiness, June 26, 2020

If you’ve found yourself furloughed or unemployed due to COVID-19, or if your startup, small business, or side hustle trajectory has taken a harsh 180 in this new stay-at-home economy, this article is for you.

Our world is upside down. Many of us have either lost our job or have been forced to scale back the businesses we own. It’s tough. While our current situation can seem overwhelming, it is not impossible to get back on our feet.

If we take a marked, measured approach to evaluating our strengths and situational details, we can formulate a game plan that starts with the “best” opportunities and one-at-a-time moves us closer towards those areas of last resort until we find something that works. 

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Medium, April 10, 2020

Booze, Hospitality and Coronavirus: Using the Data to Drive Revenue.

Make sense of new consumer alcohol consumption trends during the coronavirus pandemic so that we can make smarter business decisions and drive more revenue.

In the world of alcohol, events, and hospitality, how can we make sense of new consumer habits during the coronavirus pandemic so that we can make smarter business decisions and drive more revenue?


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About Us

Pour My Party accidentally began with our first clients—ourselves. Our big day was rapidly approaching, and of course, we wanted it to be special. We had our perfect venue, an amazing band, and a caterer that really excited us. But we wanted something… more. Was that too much to ask?

We considered everything! Photo booth, food truck, donut trees, a cigar roller. All of these ideas were… fine? They just weren’t “the one”.

Then one day Jami had a great idea: scotch! Brian had recently attended a whisky tasting and raved about it. Would Macallan pour their party? After countless calls and emails, we got our wish. And the result was perfect.

Today we create the same type of pop-up liquor tastings for weddings, parties, and events across New York, Pennsylvania, and Washington DC so everyone can have access to unique, memorable, hassle-free tasting experiences for their own big day.