Don’t Take Our Word for it

Hear from some of our amazing past couples, clients, and partners.

Sally and Chris


Sally and Chris

(early 30s, Brooklyn, NY)

As Sally and Chris planned their 160-person wedding, they were looking to add some sort of additional experience that felt true to them. They had initially considered a cigar rolling station until Sally came across Pour My Party and opted to create a Hudson Bourbon tasting during cocktail hour.

“I wanted to surprise my now-husband with something special,” said Sally. “Cigar rolling was an option, but neither of us actually smokes cigars.”

She went on, “Chris loves a good bourbon, and when I was introduced to Pour My Party, I immediately knew a whiskey tasting was the perfect addition to our Brooklyn wedding. He was surprised and thrilled and our guests raved about it. No one had ever seen anything like it before, so it felt unique and special. Even the venue staff loved it.”

“Considering a photobooth costs like $2500, this was so much better. Everything was so easy. We would 100% recommend Pour My Party to friends.”


About Us

Here’s the thing: we’re just like you. Well, we were just like you. Our big day was rapidly approaching, and of course, just like you, we wanted it to be special. We had our perfect venue, an amazing band, and a caterer that really excited us. But we wanted something… more. Was that too much to ask?

We considered everything! Photo booth, food truck, donut trees, a cigar roller. All of these ideas were… fine? They just weren’t “the one”.

Then one day Jami had a great idea: scotch! Brian had recently attended a whisky tasting and raved about it. Would Macallan pour their party? After countless calls and emails, we got our wish. And the result was perfect.

Today we create the same types of spirits tastings at weddings and events across New York so other couples just like us can have access to a unique, memorable, hassle-free tasting experience on their own special day.