Forge lasting connections with the right audience at the Perfect time

Spirits bottle

If only you could get them to taste it. How could they not love it? You spent years getting the proportions just right. And those barrels… locally sourced and charred to perfection.

They, of course, have finally gotten to that point in their lives where they can afford and appreciate something better than well-whiskey. They’ve realized that a gin martini has so much more depth than vodka. That vodka—great vodka—can be sipped and savored, not diluted. That tequila and rum can be as rich and remarkable as an 18-year scotch. And amaro? Wow! (How did they not know about this magical liquid before?!)

Pour My Party connects spectacular spirits brands just like yours with amazing young couples, their friends and family for an emotionally-charged evening and tasting experience

Hmm… sure sounds a lot better than a dixie-cup sample at a bottle shop, doesn’t it?

Current SPIRITS PARTNERS include:

Photo of people dancing
Actual photo from the dance-floor of a Pour My Party wedding

what to expect:

  • A fully-produced event so you can focus on making great spirits instead of planning events
  • A one-of-a-kind environment better positioned to make an emotional connection with customers than a liquor-store tasting or booth at a fair 
  • A captive audience of joyful guests, dressed in their finest, and emotionally invested in a magical, Instagrammable evening
  • Ability to gift the couple and select esteemed guests to ensure they remember your brand after the night ends
  • Potential to upgrade main bars with your spirit or portfolio to extend your brand presence 
  • Participate in every event available regardless of date or location by working with a trained Pour My Party host, if you don’t have your own ambassador available

all you need to DO:

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Tasting events for spirits brands

Contact Pour My Party for up-to-date info about our services and offerings. We’re a high-end provider of tasting events for spirits brands within the New York area that pairs you with parties of all sizes and aesthetics. Our clients work with us to create an unforgettable, Instagrammable experience that guests love. On a magical, emotional evening of fun and dancing, your brand is integrated into the festivities in a completely organic way. 

If you’re a spirits brand and want to pour our parties, please contact us for more information about becoming a preferred partner. We’ll pair you with amazing couples along with their family and friends to help create a lasting memory, emotional connection, and fans for life.

About Us

Pour My Party accidentally began with our first clients—ourselves. Our big day was rapidly approaching, and of course, we wanted it to be special. We had our perfect venue, an amazing band, and a caterer that really excited us. But we wanted something… more. Was that too much to ask?

We considered everything! Photo booth, food truck, donut trees, a cigar roller. All of these ideas were… fine? They just weren’t “the one”.

Then one day Jami had a great idea: scotch! Brian had recently attended a whisky tasting and raved about it. Would Macallan pour their party? After countless calls and emails, we got our wish. And the result was perfect.

Today we create the same type of pop-up liquor tastings for weddings, parties, and events across New York, Pennsylvania, and Washington DC so everyone can have access to unique, memorable, hassle-free tasting experiences for their own big day.